BDSM and the Law

Certain BDSM practices can leave you in breach of UK Law (and in other countries too). Shackles and Chains strongly recommend that you fully inform yourself regarding the possible legal implications before embarking on upon BDSM Practices. We cannot provide any legal advice but have found the following useful links whilst researching BDSM and the Law.

The government is currently introducing a new Criminal Justice and Immigration Act which as it stands will make it illegal to merely view images of a sexually violent nature. This Act comes into affect on 26th January 2009. Please read more at Backlash's website.

The Spanner Trust is defending the rights to practice SM activities between SSC parties. The site shows the existing documents and history of the cases. There is a section in which you can show your support and have regular updates of their work. All of our support is needed so please take a little time to read it and show your support, there is also a section where you can make a donation if you wish.

History of the 'Spanner Case'

Spanner Trust SM & the Law

We have also found other articles which you may find interesting to read and these can be found:

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